Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, KL Office
General Tips:

Don't Overload Your Bag
Do not stuff too many things into your bag, especially heavy items e.g. dumb-bell, bowling ball etc. Use the right bag for the item you carry. There is no bag serve all purpose.

Prolong Your Bag life
Having another bag for alternate use can lengthen the lifespan of your bag by 50% or more. A bag which you regularly use may last about 6 months. If you alternate its use, the bag may be in good shape even after a year! Ample rest and proper care, reduces the wear and tear effect.

Proper Way To Carry Overloaded Bag
If you cannot avoid putting too many things into your bag, support the bag from the bottom when you carry it. Do not hold only the handles as the weight may put too much strain.

What to inspect when buying a NEW BAG?
- Handles - check reinforcements and sewing stitches
- Wheels - solid wheels, not flimsy type
- Material - tough and not easily torn material.

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